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That Couple Thing

Sometimes we get caught up in life that we forget what is really important. I made a promise to myself that no matter what is happening, I will always make time to stop and smell the roses. This guy you see here, has been my rock, specially last month when I had a health scared and he did not leave my side.  He really raises the bar!  I am much better now, but still have a little bit of a road ahead, thankfully nothing that I won't be able to handle.  But with the cookie monster by my side I am sure anything is possible! BTW he is wearing all Old navy with Vans shoes and I am wearing Levi's jeans, H&M top. Foxe's vest, Dor L Dor boots. Shop Similar

Bring Back The Memories

Zara top / H&M faux leather pants / F21 boots / Bag from Germany's market Shop Similar Did anyone else watched Miss Universe? or am I the only one who still does?  Well, if you didn't watch let me fill you in.  For the fourth year in a row Colombia has been in second place three times and took the crown home once.  How exciting is that!! I remember watching the pageant every year, and always remember how my mom used to kicked my father out of the room because he will be talking the whole time LOL  It brings back great childhood memories... Congrats to South Africa's new Miss Universe and congrats to Miss Colombia! Anyway, hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and if you are a shopper hope you took advantage of the sales!! xo, Yaudy Cristina 

Back to 1977

Fox's sweater / H&M pants / Zara boots Shop Similar You guys next week is Thanksgiving!!! Where is this year going? I already have my outfit plan and this pair of pants will be making an appearance.  They are stretchy so that means I can eat, eat and eat LOL Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! xo, Yaudy Cristina

Catching The Sunlight

Forever 21 jacket and sweater / Fox's jeans / Zara boots / Rebecca Minkoff bag Shop Similar It's hard to believe the holidays are around the corner. It feels like just yesterday I was watching July 4th fireworks and eating one too many burgers at a BBQ.  Time flies! These were taken last week, on a rush, because I totally forgot that it gets dark out so early and I didn't want to miss the sunlight.  I'm glad I didn't miss it :) Is anyone else obsessed with moto jackets? I am guilty! I own too many of them that often forget what I have.  This one went perfect with the mustard colored sweater, embroidered jean and a touch of velvet with these Zara booties. xo, Yaudy Cristina

Cold Front

Zara sweater /  H&M skirt / Forever 21 booties / Rebecca Minkoff bag via T.J, Maxx  Shop Similar These were taken last month when it was like 90 degrees outside in the middle of October. Fast forward to now Nov 13 and it's a totally different story.  Heavy coats, boots and gloves all have made an appearance.  I usually put all that away in Summer and the cold always catches me by surprise.  I tend to forget where I store my things and last minute you either see me buying new gloves and hats or I am the person freezing all the time  because I can't never seem to find them on time before the cold front arrives LOL XO, Yaudy Cristina