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The Power Blazer

Can you tell I love leather? Leather has a "cool thing" to it at least to me.  Back when I was younger I used to buy a lot of pleather as I have always love the look of a leather piece.  Now, I tend to invest in either vegan leather or vintage leather.   I have thrifted a couple of good pieces including a pair of black leather pants and shorts that I know I will treasure those pieces forever.  I am on the hunt for a good leather jacket, I recently found a gold colored one on Etsy, but haven't had a chance to get it cleaned yet.  You will see it soon! This blazer I got at Express the pants are a hand me down from my boyfriend's mom's closet and the shoes are converse.  I wanted to keep it casual and just added a white Men's Hanes t-shirt (those are the best in my opinion).  I have worn this blazer a handful of times but didn't take any pictures.  I have to do a better job at that if I want to call myself a part-time blogger ha! I added a couple of other ins

Elevated Sweat Suit

When the outfit is comfortable you wear the not so comfortable shoes, right? I found this set at K-Mart yes, you read that right LOL.. There is only one left in my area and I always go in there and browse every chance I get.   The boots and thrifted leather jacket gave this look the elevated feel I was looking for.  I have worn it with sneakers and a denim jacket and have also styled as separates.   I had a lot of fun this Fall playing with layering and also mixing my thrifted finds with new pieces.  This leather jacket I found at Goodwill for $14 dollars the first time I went thrifting.  I had no idea what I was going to find and I remember being super happy after I spotted it hanging there waiting for me to rescue it. This is definitely one of those pieces I will never get rid of.   Talking about getting rid of things, how many times do you clean your closet?  I always clean it 4 times a year, just so I can keep things neat and of course make room for new items.  I am working on a&qu

Winter Blues

The moment Christmas ends I want Spring.... I can't be the only one who craves Spring and Summer when the holidays are over.  I start dreaming about Summer fashion and want to start buying sandals lol Only to forget them in the back of my closet when the actual warm months get here. I am playing catch up on here, as you probably noticed my absence in the past years.  This outfit I wore last year around September.  I was so crazy about the asymmetrical waist on this jeans that I ordered them as soon as they were available in my size.  it gives a unique spin to your every day denim.  This shirt is from Zara and so are the boots.  Me and Zara have a love/hate  relationship, sometimes I walk in there and buy everything and other times I come out empty handed and hit the thrift store to try to find similar less expensive pieces. Anyways, if anyone reading this thrifts please share tips, as I can use any thrifting tips I can get. Enjoy your weekend guys! xo, Yaudy Cristina Follow on  Ins

Hello 2022

Happy New Year my friends! A new year has started and with that come new hopes, new dreams and a new mindset.  I personally do not like resolutions as I find they do not work for me, or better said- I have a hard time following them ha!  Instead I have decided to continue with my little monthly goals like have been doing for a couple of years. Some of the things I accomplished last year were things that made me happy and that brought me peace.  Something simple as making my bed everyday or keeping up with my laundry.  I needed a lot of push to do those two, but ever since I put my mind into it I can honestly say I have been very consistent. In 2022 I really need to work on getting dressed-up everyday.  I am falling into the habit of staying in my PJ's or just wearing sweatpants.  This is a habit that I need to brake ASAP.  I don't feel comfortable anymore, I hate that it became a "thing" for those of us who are still working at home.  Another thing is making sure I pu