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And Just Like That

And Just Like that Carrie Bradshaw came back!! There has been a lot of talk about the reboot of Sex and The City and as many others I liked and disliked various parts of the show.  The shocker on the first episode left me kind of empty to be honest.  I am a big fan of the show, big fan (I can recite lines and tell you what scene is coming next) kind of fan LOL and I would of love to have seen more of Big.  After all we all know how much she went through to finally be with the love of her life.   Needles too say, I was super excited when I heard it was coming to HBO. Let's start with the one think  I disliked the most... As a 44 year old woman myself I felt that  they made it seem like our life starts to be over at 50.  I mean does SJP really wears cold/hot patches and calls a back pain old lady illness? I doubt it! I totally get it, they couldn't stay the same.  The show had to evolve and so were the character, but come on.   I wasn't a fan of the outfits in the beginning ,