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A Look Inside the Octagon House

Last Monday I took myself on a solo adventure and went to visit the Armour-Stiner House.  The Octagon House is located in Irvington, in Westchester County, New York.  It is a National Historic Landmark since 1976 and it is the only domed octagonal residence.  It is truly a master piece!   For only $33 dollars you can tour the outside and inside of the house.  All while learning the history not only of the house but of every single family that owned it at some point.  I of course had to dress for the occasion and wore this beautiful vintage dress, perfect colors for the house I swear I was blending in LOL   Needless tp say I asked the tour guide if there were any ghost in the house and to my surprised she said yes!  There is known to be a French decent girl living in the house and one of the owners wrote about her in his books.  The moment I heard that I immediately booked my Fall tour because during spooky season they speak all about this mysterious French girl.  Truly an amazing site

70's Vibes

I have collected several vintage 70's blouses and by far this one is my favorite. I have worn it so many times from work, on the weekend, with pants. with shorts and skirts.  So many endless options with this timeless piece. My love for thrifting and finding vintage pieces have grown so much this past year.  I love to give life to older pieces.  I love to mix them with "now" trend like these pair of pink pants.  I added a chain belt and mules for a day at the office. Do you like thrifting? xo, Yaudy Cristina   What I am wearing Vintage blouse Etsy from Shop Ahoy / Pants Shein / Shoes H&M / Belt thrifted Goodwill Shop similar

Bell Bottoms

The one denim trend I was very happy to see Gen Z bring back! I will be wearing these pair of jeans nonstop until the hot weather comes to Jersey.  They have the most perfect fit and are super soft.  I dressed them down with a sweater tank and espadrilles this time, but have a concert next week where I will be wearing them with probably a sequins top and gold sandals.   Stay tuned!  Xo, Yaudy Cristina   What I am wearing Lauren Conrad top / Vintage owl necklace / Free people denim / Forever 21 hat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Similar choices

Bucket List

When was the last time you learned to do something for the first time? I will go first.. I learned to ride a bike at the age of 37 fast forward to 44 and I am finally comfortable.  Trying new things is always a scary thing, but the moment you go through and realize that leraning new things and getting out of your comfort zone it's awesome.  When things do not excite us anymore, are they even worth it?   I see that as a time to get up, get moving and start something new. I have a buck-it list with lots of fun activities I want to do and new things I want to learn. I felt so accomplished when I finally got on my bike and learned on the first try.  The rush and freedom feelings I feel every time I ride my bike are something so fascinating to me.  I get mad at my self for not learning during my childhood, but it was not late to learn, it is actually never too late. I am looking forward to taking "Jasmin" (my bike) out more often this Summer and I think it's about time I r