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Things I learned when my boyfriend became a homeowner

I have always been a renter it wasn’t until recently that my boyfriend decided to purchase a house.  Then all the new knowledge began along with some unexpected headaches that are part of home ownership.  Thankfully he is very hands on and knows how to do a lot of these things on his own, but he also has great resources if need be to call professionals. Here are the most important things we have learned since starting the process and all the things we kept an eye on before he committed to a house. Know your location I have heard this thousand of times. Location! Location! Location!   This is super important, especially if you are somebody like me that likes to go out and sometimes driving is not ideal.   It was very important for me he found a house close to public transit.   Since we live so close to NYC it is always nice to go in and spend the day, but it is so hard to find parking in those busy streets, taking the bus or train is ideal.   I needed to be walking distance from t