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Wynwood Walls Miami Part Two

Another cool place we visited while in Miami was the Wynwood Walls.  This place has such a cool vibe and lots of galleries, bars and places to eat.  Since we were limited in time, we visited only for a few hours, but it was more than enough time to walk around and enjoy. The history of the place was very interesting and it is awesome to read and see how one person turned this area around.   You can read all about it  HERE   via the History of Miami. Xo, Yaudy Cristina

Miami Part One

RayBan sunnies /  Forever 21 dress / Converse sneakers Shop Similar That great feeling when you travel to a warmer place during Winter and while you are away it snows and you don't see a snow flake!! hahaha This past weekend my boyfriend and I headed to Miami and even though the trip was short, it felt great to get away.  We walked and walked and saw so many cool and interesting things that I will be sharing here during this week's pots. On our first day we went to Bayside for a mojito on the water and ended our day walking Collins Ave and Ocean Drive.

All White With A Twist

Asos coat / Forever 21 jeans / Nordstroms  boots Shop Similar Wearing white in the Winter makes me feels a bit rebellious LOL   When I don't know what to wear, I always pick one solid color and just add accessorizes to break the monochromatic look a bit. This coat I got at the end of last year and I am in love with it.  Not only because is so warm, but it really goes with everything.   This day was so so cold, I remember my face felt numb.  I really cannot wait for Spring! Xo, Yaudy Cristina