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Fall Ready

Good bye August.... Welcome pumpkin spice everything and the start of my favorite month September!! I can't hide the fact that I am excited for Fall.  I can't wait to do all my favorite Fall activities and eat my first apple cider donut (The first bite is always the best!).  And the most important transition from dresses to sweaters, sandals to boots and dust out all those light jackets. Happy Week! xo, Yaudy Cristina What  I am wearing: Shein dress and bag Steve Madden sandals Shop Similar

Give Me All The Comfortable Shorts

When you find the most comfortable shorts.... This Summer and pretty much most of Spring I lived in lounge wear.  But it was a nice upgrade to find comfortable shorts to wear anytime I got a chance to get out of the house.  These pair from Mango have been in heavy rotation and I plan to wear them until the end of Summer.   When the "stay at home" orders were put in place, I swear my clothes knew lol Nobody really dresses up anymore, but for me it was a big disappointment.  I still have some clothes I didn't get to wear, but I am happy that orders were lifted and I got to go out and take my poor sad clothes for a spin. XO, Yaudy Cristina What I am wearing: Thrifted top Mango shorts Shein bag Old Navy sandals Shop Similar

Clothes Hoarder

Shopping my closet has been so fun!! I do two closet clean outs a year one where I get rid of stuff and the other one I rotate items that have been hanging there for a while and I don't usually wear. This dress is one of those items.   It was very humid the day I decided to take it for a spin, and the material is not the most breathable, but I love it!  Before this time I only wore it on a cruise in 2012, I guess you can call me a clothing hoarder LOL What I am wearing: Forever 21 dress Shein shoes Cole Han bag via T.J. Maxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shop Similar

Deep Cut Gardens

The charm of Deep Cut Gardens... In an effort to keep busy and not let quarantine get to me , I have been planning little trips and discovering new things around me.  That is how I found this beautiful gardens only an hour away from my house.  The landscape was amazing, the whole place is well kept and welcoming. It was a perfect activity to put on a floral dress and pretend I was somewhere else. I recently discover Shein  and I am in love with all the dresses and tops they have.  I got this dress for a very reasonable price and it fits like a glove.  With a lot of "cheaper" clothes, you never know what you are getting, but I can honestly, say I have not had any problems with any item i ordered. Everything fits true to size and I have washed a couple of pieces and they do not shrink or anything. Here are a few snaps of the gardens and if you live in the New Jersey  area make sure to pay it a visit. xo,  Yaudy Cristina What I am wearing: Sh

Chasing Lavender

How is it the middle of August? 2020 has been the craziest year ever and it is hard to process that is almost coming to its end.  I have so many fun things plan for this week (surprisingly) but I have decided to enjoy the rest of the Summer.  This was taken a few weeks ago, when we took a ride down  to  Happy Day Farm.  I went looking for lavender, but I was too late (like most of the things in my life lol) but we still managed to have a great time.  I wore this dress I got from Shein and this beautiful beaded bag I found in Etsy.  After we walked the farm we had homemade ice cream and headed to the local farmers market. Hope you all have a wonderful week! xo, Yaudy Cristina What I am wearing: H&M hat Shein dress Target sandals Etsy bag Shop similar

In The Jungle

  How is it August already?! I have been in a cleaning mode and so happy I have found so many old items that still fit.  Like this blouse for example.  I got this like 2 years ago and never worn it, I call it it my jungle shirt LOL I feel so much more organized and lighter after all the things I git rid of.   Why do we hang on to things and never even wear them?  Crazy thing, right? Happy August friends! xo, Yaudy Cristina   What I am wearing: Urban Outfitters shirt Thrifted skirt from Goodwill Target sandals Shop Similar