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90's Are Back!

Cut-outs are my favorite! Fashion always comes back.  There will always be blazers and shoulder pads.  If I knew that back in 1991, I would have never thrown away my clothes LOL  This blazer is super unique and the cut-out detail is just fabulous. I definitely need to wear it more for sure. Happy Weekend! Yaudy Cristina  Blazer: Shein, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx. Bag: thrifted

Coats Out!

Another Fall/Winter season is upon us! The weather has been beautiful, but let's face it Winter is around the corner.  Number one item on my to do list is to clean my coats and try to find my gloves.  I cannot be the only one who always looses those haha This coat is one of my favorite vintage finds to date. The color and collar are just beautiful! Happy almost weekend!  Yaudy Cristina * All pieces are thrifted or found in Etsy *