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My favorite meal of the day... I enjoy breakfast so much it is literally my favorite thing to do in the morning.  That is why I decided to share one of my favorite, easy breakfast with you guys! Recipe 3 egg whites tomatoes spinach Trader Joe Everything by the Bagel seasoning Light Laughing Cow wedge Ezekiel bread topped with avocado Xo, Yaudy Cristina  

Purple and Pink

When the 80's come back.... I have to be honest 80's fashion is not my favorite, but I couldn't resist this vintage jumpsuit.  I went all 80's pairing it with pink boots to keep the colors going.  What is your favorite fashion era? xo, Yaudy Cristina *Vintage jumpsuit and bag*  

Three things to help with the Winter blues

 I think we can all agree that Winter can be draining and depressing sometimes.  I personally dread this of time of the year and as soon as the Holidays are over I want warm weather and the sun. I started doing these three things for about 3 years now and they do make me feel better. I started to journal... I write down thoughts and things I want to accomplish.  Every night I write down events that took place during the day as well as activities I want to do in the future. I even plan my outfits ahead of time. Spa day at home... Every Wednesday night I do a face mask and hair mask.  I also keep up with my pedicures and shave my legs, YES, shave my legs during Winter LOL Those little things are so good for your self steam. Self care is a must for me. Make meals,,, I love cooking, so this one is a no brainer for me.  I love trying out new dishes and come up with recipes of my own.  Something I have been doing for a while now. Let me know in the comments what is something you do to make y

My 3 Goals for 2023

 2022 felt like it came and went with a blink of an eye.  It was a good year for me personally and professionally. I was able to do some traveling and that is always a good thing! I did a lot of growing and self healing.  Hoping to continue that during this year, With that said here are the three major personal goals I plan to accomplish. Do more of what makes me happy.. I need to get on a writing schedule.  Writing on here makes me feel accomplished and it is something I have let go for while.  But I think if I make it into a task it will definitely be done.  I am starting today and scheduling another post for Wednesdays Stop over spending... I spent have of my vacation cleaning and decluttering my house I feel so light.  I am able to open my closets and see what I have and it is more than enough.  I am not saying I will never buy anything as my business is about thrifting and finding those gems, but I know being sustainable means less overbuying and that is what I am all for. Create