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Easy Summer

One of the many things I love about Summer is how easy it is to get dressed.  A pair  of shorts, top and sandals and you are all set.  These pair of shorts I cut myself.  I have collected a few vintage Levi's jeans in different sizes and when I feel like making new shorts, I cut them.  If you don't know yet, the Levi's men fit better than the women ones.  Specially for long legged gals like me.  I paired them with a tube top I got at H&M ages ago and a thrifted crochet vest.  Added a braided head band and cute pair of earrings and I was ready to go. Have you ever made jeans into shorts? Please share! xo, Yaudy Cristina   Shop Similar

Covered In Leopard

Is there anyone who doesn't like leopard print?  I don't think so LOL This outfit was a spare of the moment thought,  when I could not figure out what to wear and wanted to wear these pants so bad, but the top I was looking for was dirty type of moment. So, I decided to pile on all the leopard print I own and I am not one bit mad as how the look turned out. I have been so into this type of style pant. Super comfortable and wearable I want to wear them everyday.  These pants are a recent purchase, but everything else has been sitting in my closet forever. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! XO, Yaudy Cristina What I am Wearing  P ants form  Sol Celine Boutique , Shoes Shein, Bag Versona, Blouse Urban Outfitters and tank top Thrifted