Drugstore Gems

Happy Friday!!
Here are some drugstore products I have been obsessing about some for a long time and some recently.  I can spend hours at the drugstore I love finding new things to try and of course share them here with all of you.

I have been a fan of this hairspray for a while now. Since I have pin straight hair I have to use a curling iron at least twice a week finding a good hair spray was important to me and the Loreal Elnett Satin works wonders on my hair. After I curled my hair I let the curls cool a little bit, then I spray them and run my fingers through the hair. The bottle says "disappears at the stroke of a brush" and they were not lying because it does!
You can find it at any drugstore for $14.99.

When it comes to nail polishes I buy any brand as you can see on Here and here, but lately I have been wearing the Ulta brand.  They last for over two weeks on my nails and they have beautiful colors. These three here I got recently when the store had a sale. They redesigned the bottle and came out with new colors. From left to right: Moody Blues, Grin & Berry It and Little Black Dress

These two Revlon beauties are a new discovery and I am totally in love with them lol The new Revlon Colorburst lip balm are very pigmented, they smell good and feel amazing on the lips and they are only $6.49. These two are: top #250 Standout Remarquable and bottom: #240 Striking Spectaculaire

As I mentioned before I use a curling iron at least twice a week so taking good care of my hair is a must. My sister recently introduced me to these Ion Repair Solutions conditioner. I have been using it for two weeks and I can totally see the difference in my hair. It is shinier and it has not been falling at all. It smells delicious! I bought them at Sally's for $2.59 a packet but I will for sure buy the bottle soon.

I can't say enough good things about this L'oreal Shocking Extensions Mascara. One day I ran out of my Tarte one and decided to give this one a try for half of the price it does an even better job than the high end ones. My lashes look fuller, longer and it doesn't run!! and it's only $7.99

The brush is slim so it grabs all of your lashes and you truly only need two coats!

Now for the last thing lets talk about these Elf brushes.  They are only $3.00 and work amazing! my eye shadow goes on even and they blend beautifully. The white one is a blending brush and the black one is a contour brush, but I use them all over the lid and they are fine.

Please share with me if you use any of these items and how do you like them..

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. I have the revlon lip things. I love the colors! My hot pink one has a weird smell...almost minty. it bothers me.

    1. I don't have any of the pinks, thank God this ones smell nice lol


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