Boho Chic

H&M dress & rings / Target hat / F21 necklace & booties / Nordstrom BP heart bracelet / Revlon lips in Orange Flip
This would be the perfect outfit if I was heading out to a music festival. As I am writing this I just realized I have never been to a music festival :(  maybe that's something to plan for the future.
Before I even bought this dress I already knew how I wanted to style it. Since it has that boho feel I felt a hat was appropriate, plus my hair was dirty (that would be our little secret)
 I am becoming more comfortable wearing hats, I have to confess I was not a hat person until recently I didn't feel they look right on me, as a kid I wore them a lot but as an adult my love for them faded. 
Lately all that's changing, hats compliment any look and it is an accessory I would be incorporating more in my outfits. Maybe next thing on my list is hat shopping? any excuse to go to the store lol


  1. Love the dress and accessories. .:)

  2. Such a gorgeous maxi. I love the lace detailing.

  3. awesome dress! The accessories go so well with it! :)

    xo Jules

  4. Wow.. Love the dress on you =)

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  5. You are right, this would be a perfect look indeed!
    I've never been to a music festival either... maybe someday!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I like how you styled the dress.
    PS. Your secret is safe with me.

  7. Very pretty dress, love the detailing and the hat makes it!
    from the link up
    please stop by

  8. The dress is gorgeous! And I love your accessories!

    thanks so much for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!


  9. Boho Chic indeed. That off-white lacey maxi dress is gorgeous. All the accessories you chose to wear it with are spot on too, especially the booties, hat & necklace. =)


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