All dolled up for the Majestic

H&M dress and necklace
T.J. Maxx dress /  Michael Kors sandals
Forever 21 dress / American Eagle flip flops / H&M earrings
T.J. Maxx dress / Nordstrom BP clutch
Forever 21 dress & earrings / Michael Kors sandals 
H&M top and necklace / T.J. Maxx skirt  / Ellen Tracy sandals / Nordstrom BP clutch
T.J. Maxx dress /  Forever 21 earrings / Ellen Tracy sandals 
Forever 21 top / T.J. Maxx pants
Mandee dress / Nordstrom BP necklace / Ellen Tracy sandals
For the first time I was able to pack all these clothes plus more in my carry-on. I took only three pair of shoes nude wedge sandals, flat sandals and flip flops.  There was no stress about loosing my luggage or having to wait at the luggage pickup.  I packed items that mixed well together and everything matched in case I needed it to remix a look.
The nude sandals were a very smart choice and mine are very comfortable.
If you don't own a pair of nude sandals it is time you buy them because they are definitely a good investment!



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