What's In My Bag

Just fab (brown bag) / Express (black bag) / Forever 21 (silver bag)
 No surprise to anyone here I love handbags! 
My favorite types are the tote, clutch and the pochette (totally a new word for me) and how did I learn that by reading the Rau La La Handbags 101. I feel naked if I don't carry a handbag. I really don't carry much, but the stuff I do carry I can't leave without. 

My cell phone I would be lost without it, my makeup bag would go crazy if I leave home, an umbrella because sometimes it just rains for no reason, my wallet with out a licence I can't go far and lastly ibuprofen just in case of a headache
In my makeup bag I carry products that can transform my day look easily into night.  A darker lip color, an eye shadow palette and mascara.   
this one is my favorite pauchette
and the clutch I have been reaching for as of lately

Hope you guys enjoy this post! and don't forget to checkout the Rau La La Handbags 101 I promise you won't be disappointed!



  1. Love that tan and black bag! Both are perfect neutrals for an outfit!


  2. I do the same with my makeup too. There's always like 4 lipsticks in there!

    1. I think it is a necessity to carry more than one lol

  3. Hello, I loved the post. I do not have these products, I like.

    I would like to follow each other?


  4. great post. loved seeing what was inside your bag. I feel like this way I get to know you more. love the puchette and tote by the way.

    it was so nice catching up with you Yaudy. slowly but surely lol.

    enjoy your Sunday. Ada. =)


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