My Three Favorite Eyebrow Pencils

At some point in our lives we have all over plugged our eyebrows and if you are lucky they grew back in some sort of good shape. Well, that was not my case LOL I remember coming back home from high school one day  (yes my misery goes back far, very far) and just shaving them all!! yes, you read it right, I shaved all my brows off I have no idea what the hell Was I thinking.. To make a long story short I have to pencil in my brows every morning, they grew back but not in a good way.
Here are my three favorite eyebrow pencils to be honest the one that I reach for the most (everyday) is the Milani one it matches my color perfect and it is long lasting. My second favorite is Anastasia and my last choice is NYX.

Hope you guys enjoy this post!

1-Milani in Natural Taupe $4.99
2-Anastasia in Brunette $21.00
3-NYX in Dark Brown $4.75


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