Monster Jam 2017

Forever 21 jacket /  H&M tank top and jeans / American eagle shoes / Dor L Dor bag

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This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first Monster Jam. I wasn't sure of what to wear and if I was even going to like it, but I went and enjoyed every minute of it!
Everyone was so pumped, I think the adults were more excited to be there than the kids lol
The show ran for about 4 hours and I still don't understand how they kept score or who actually won, but the most important thing was the cool experience and the good time.

I decided on wearing a comfortable outfit.   Jeans, denim jacket and tank top. 
It was very humid out so it worked perfect for the occasion. A couple of drinks, some french fries, loud trucks and I was happy!

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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