Meeting Cara Alwill Leyba

On Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting Cara. I found out about this event and didn't think about it twice.  I have heard amazing things about her books and meeting her in person was such a great experience.
The event was held at Macy's in Downtown Brooklyn. Her new book is called The Champagne Diet which is about celebrating health, mind and body.  At the event she gave us tips on how to make our home the perfect place and how to make it an enjoyable experience every time we are home.

These were a few of the tips I will practicing for sure:

*Write a celebration list at the end of the day with all the things you accomplished and read it sipping a bit of champagne.  Instead of concentrating on the things you didn't complete, celebrate what you actually accomplished.

*Drink water in a wine glass 

*Put candles around the house and also bringing them while traveling

*Buy a juicer

*Make your bed everyday

*Disconnect from your phone, don't bring it into bed

*Use your china instead of paper plates

*Buy quality instead of quantity

and one that I will definitely do...

*Rub Lavender oil on your wrists before going on a plane to help with anxiety.

We also received a free copy of her other book Girl Code. It was a nice little reward to take home a signed copy and a one one two minute conversation!

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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