Bye Winter, Bye

Forever 21 hat, sweater and boots / Madewell jeans / Dor L Dor blazer 

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Things have been a bit complicated lately not in a bad way, but I really haven't have time to sit and write.  I missed it, writing and blogging is my passion and it definitely helps me relax. Which is why I made a promise to myself that at least one post will come up every week.  

It is hard to take pictures with this weather, so maybe I will start writing about other things like beauty products or maybe cooking, since I love it so much.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! 

Mine is packed with a girls night tonight, spending sometime with my god child tomorrow, a sweet sixteen at nigh then a wellness day on Sunday!

xo, Yaudy Cristina


  1. cute outfit, you look amazing!
    I love your jacket :)


  2. Please yes BYE winter bye. You look fab! xo


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