On Repeat

H&M top/Forever 21 skirt/Zara sandals

It is official I have a thing for touching my hair and closing my eyes when I take pictures LOL

I loved this outfit so much,  that I wore it three more times after that and that was only last month.  This skirt I found by accident in the store.  It was the last one and in my size!  you know I could not pass it.  I am probably going to wear it with boots and a black sweater and maybe next time with a blazer.  I just love it.  

Also, very sad I got these sandals in late Summer.  I got them at the Zara sale for like $10.  They are the prettiest in person.

I have a couple of more posts planned for October and I am trying to figure out the lighting in my apartment for inside pictures in the near future, since my not so good friend Winter is coming!

xo, Yaudy Crisrina



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