Stay Strong America

The world is hurting right now my world once again is changing. 

 I thought that once something major happens to you, you are good for at least a decade.  Boy I was wrong.
I have had several things happened that made me change the way I see life.  For starters, I was sent here to the US when I was 11 years old, that right there marked me for life.  Then, I get the brilliant idea to get married and well, that ended with a broken heart and a new perspective on the future.  After that I had stroke and if you think that I was done, I get diagnosed with a hole in my heart that was closed with surgery while I was wide awake. Then 2019 came and I met anxiety.  She did not want to leave me alone, until one day I woke up and kicked her out to the curb.

That is my story so now you can understand why in my little crazy mind I was sure that I was done for a while.  Then came Covid.

I am blessed that I am healthy and that I am surrounded by people who love me, specially Ryan. Yeah, I disclosed all the "bad" that has happened, but lets not forget the great moments and the amazing people who have come along the way.  2020 started great, I felt great.  I beat anxiety and was stronger than I have ever been in a long time.  Things started to pick up and I was supposed to be having one of the best months of the year.  Plans are cancelled, outfits are hanging in the closet with no where to go, my dog is wondering why mommy is spending more time at home and probably why  I walk him so much these days lol

The funny thing is, this time I don't feel alone.  The whole world is suffering and we are all in this together.  What worries me the most are my parents and sister who live in Colombia. They are older and far away from me.  Actually my whole family is.  When all this comes to an end and I am hoping it will be soon, I cannot run to my mom and hug her.  I have to settle with the same video call we do almost every other day. I was supposed to go visit them and also my family in Texas, as my brother in law has a big birthday coming up.
You see why I need this stop!  One of my dear friends is a doctor and soon she will be out there on the front lines.  My friends whom for the most part are bankers are also out there risking their lives.
That is why I am begging everyone, whoever is reading this to please stay home.  Needless to say, I miss my life, I miss my friends, I miss my normal days. 

Stay home so we can all go back to normal.  Whatever your normal is and go back to enjoying the beautiful sunny days ahead.


xo, Yaudy Cristina


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