A Lady And Her Mask

Happy end of May....

Never in a millions thoughts and ideas for this little blog of mine, crossed my mind that I would have a outfit post wearing a mask.  But in times like we are living now, it just appropriate.  
Do I like wearing a mask? no.  Does it make me feel safe? a little.  I guess we all have a different view on this and for now I choose to follow. 
The mask is not the only item that makes this outfit!  I found this pants at Walmart and let me tell you, I was pleasantly  surprised  as to how much I love them. The brand is Scoop and they were very reasonably priced, which was my favorite thing.

Happy weekend friends!

xo, Yaudy Cristina

What I am wearing

Shein jacket
Scoop pants via Walmart
Shein shoes



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