The More You Know

Three Things that Covid19 quarantine has taught me.

I have not have a lot of time to think about all that's happening,  thankful to God, I am still busy with work and when I am not busy doing that, I try to stay distracted as much as I can.  But these three things I learned early on, specially when the stay at home orders were put into place.


People will not make time for you.  

This one hit me the hardest.  As busy as I was, I made time to check on pretty much everyone I know.  A text or call even a Facebook message.  Some did come back and reciprocate, but not everyone will act the same towards you.  I read this somewhere and it has been replaying in my head ever since "make time for people who make time for you, not people who only talk to you when they have time".  Specially now that all stay at home orders have been lifted.


Your family is important.

I knew this of course, but unfortunately for me all mine is far away.  Things are not 100% stable for me to jump on a plane and go visit them.  The most important, my parents,  as they live in another country and it is not safe to go just yet.


Put yourself first 

Because if you don't then people will get used to seeing you at the end of the line.

Hoping things get better soon and this nightmare ends.


On a lighter note.... How cute is this two piece set I got handed to me from my boyfriend's mom?!

Xo,  Yaudy Cristina

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