Blast From The Past

I will take vintage anytime...

During my shopping career (yes, I call it that LOL) I have learned to appreciate the beauty of vintage.  There is something fascinating not knowing what you will find once you enter the store.  I have found a few pieces I cherish, but my favorite at the moment is this Burberry blazer I got at Vintage On First.  A beautiful store in Hoboken, NJ that carries some amazing pieces.

I immediately knew how I was going to wear this a tribute to that little girl who was always best dressed at school and learned the power of a great blazer at 13 years old.  This was it! 

If you grew up in the 90's you know this type of outfits were all over.  Leggings and a blazer and call it a day fast forward to 2020 minus the dark lip liner and nude lips I felt like a blast from the past.

XO, Yaudy Cristina

What I am wearing

Vintage Burberry, Amazon fashion leggings, Steve Madden shoes


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