Things I learned when my boyfriend became a homeowner

I have always been a renter it wasn’t until recently that my boyfriend decided to purchase a house.  Then all the new knowledge began along with some unexpected headaches that are part of home ownership.  Thankfully he is very hands on and knows how to do a lot of these things on his own, but he also has great resources if need be to call professionals.

Here are the most important things we have learned since starting the process and all the things we kept an eye on before he committed to a house.

Know your location

I have heard this thousand of times. Location! Location! Location!  This is super important, especially if you are somebody like me that likes to go out and sometimes driving is not ideal.  It was very important for me he found a house close to public transit.  Since we live so close to NYC it is always nice to go in and spend the day, but it is so hard to find parking in those busy streets, taking the bus or train is ideal.  I needed to be walking distance from the bus stops and trains. Also, if you are planning on staying there a long time and raise a family this goes without saying, make sure the school’s system is a good one.

Set money aside for renovations

No house is perfect but we know we can all make it the dream home.  With that comes spending and budgeting.  Even if it’s hard to stay on budget try to find a house that fits all your needs without having too much renovations to do.  Little changes here and there are great and they can make a difference.  We made a list of the things he wants to change in the future so we started a “renofund” and in the meantime a splash of paint and some cute decorations did the trick.  I love stores like HomeGoods, Kirkland and T.J. Maxx to shop for cute and inexpensive décor.

Check the house’s foundation

Something that should happen during the inspection, but be sure to bring someone you know and are closed to, so they can give you their honest opinion and make you aware of things that you might not be familiar with.  For example, when my boyfriend was ready to choose a house he brought in his dad and he got to go around the house and act like if he was a real inspector.  Needles to say that saved him from picking a troubled house multiple times.

Make sure your furnace is up to date

This one is very important as replacing a furnace could end up being very costly. From knowing what is a good flame color, knowing when to replace the filter to having a good thermostat.  Things to keep in mind specially if you have expansion plans for the home.

Look for termites

These little creatures could be very damaging.  We experienced it just recently when we found out we had them in our home.  Make sure you are aware of any little holes in your wood floors and also look for termite droppings.

Check your roof

Another very expensive repair if it needs to be replaced.  Make sure the roof is flat with no curly edges anywhere.  Also, that none of the shingles are missing and the most important, making sure the roof has no leaks as those can cause mold.

Which brings me to this last part “What would you do if you find mold?”

Lots of people are allergic to mold exposure to it can lead to having a stuffy nose, wheezing and red and itchy eyes.  I believe if you have asthma the symptoms can be worse. That is why is so important to have a professional come take a look and remove any mold if necessary.

Image: Nash Everett

Finding a company, you trust can be hard, that is why I want to talk to you about Nash Everett here in NJ.  They provide excellent services such as moisture management, microbial testing, duct cleaning, and mold removal.  This Clayton, New Jersey mold removal company can help improve your indoor air quality with a free mold estimate.  They can do your home evaluation along with a health assessment.

If you are in need of some of these services make sure to give them a call.

Hope you found this helpful and if you are looking for a house I wish you luck and lots of patience!

XO, Yaudy Cristina

*This post is sponsored by Nash Everett.  All opinions are my own*


  1. Awesome advice ! Looking to buy a home soon so love having this contact

  2. Great article! I’ll keep these tips in mind when I start looking for a home. I have all types of allergies and mold is one of them, good to know about this helpful information.


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