Out and About Wearing a Jumpsuit

When you need to take the time off and wear a cute jumpsuit!

A couple of months ago I felt burnt out.  I needed to take some time off and do something I love.  I grabbed my boyfriend and dog and we drove to  Lambertville NJ.  A little charming town I always wanted to visit it was the best thing we did!!  We explored the town I did some shopping (of course) and ate lunch in the car, but I am not complaining haha
During this crazy times taking time off it is necessary.  Anxiety is something I suffered for a while now and I am glad I can somehow control it.

I got dressed up in this amazing Gap jumper I found at T.J. Maxx paired with Zara square toe boots and a hat.  Also added red lips because like I always say "lipstick makes everything better".

Xo, Yaudy 

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