Daily Habits: Three things I do everyday

I think we can all agree that last year was very hard.  I started the year hopeful and in a matter of three months into the year it all went down the drain.  I started to make lists have schedules and made sure I set small daily goals.  Fast forward to 2021, I am sharing the three things that I have not stop doing and that help me make each day a good day.

I Say Thanks Every Morning

It is so easy to always concentrate in what is going bad that we sometimes forget about all the other great things happening around us. The first thought in my mind every morning is a grateful one, something as simple as thanking God for the good nigh sleep he gave me,

  I recently stared a series on my Instagram @Parisinseptember1 where every Friday I share 5 things that made me happy during the week.  In my case, I notice that the little things are what really make me smile and I decided to share it. This week  I have to say food made me happy lol, so if you happen to go check you will see!

I Make My Bed Everyday

This was not always the case.  I used to not make my bed everyday and now looking back I think "how did I ever lived like that"  Yes, it sounds funny, but making my bed has such a good impact in my day I feel so organized after is done and it sets me off to have an organized day.

I Drink a Hot Cup Of  Water With lemon

My body thanks me everyday after I do this.  Doing this every morning helps me maintain good skin, helps with stomach issues, hydrates me, helps me make better food choices.  I don't know why but this step is super important.

 I started a lot of rituals last year but these ones here have stuck with me.  As someone who needs direction and plans things (I am a Virgo) as bad as last year was it centered me and helped me discover little things like this that I enjoy and look forward doing everyday.

XO, Yaudy

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