Elevated Sweat Suit

When the outfit is comfortable you wear the not so comfortable shoes, right?

I found this set at K-Mart yes, you read that right LOL.. There is only one left in my area and I always go in there and browse every chance I get.   The boots and thrifted leather jacket gave this look the elevated feel I was looking for.  I have worn it with sneakers and a denim jacket and have also styled as separates.  

I had a lot of fun this Fall playing with layering and also mixing my thrifted finds with new pieces.  This leather jacket I found at Goodwill for $14 dollars the first time I went thrifting.  I had no idea what I was going to find and I remember being super happy after I spotted it hanging there waiting for me to rescue it. This is definitely one of those pieces I will never get rid of.  

Talking about getting rid of things, how many times do you clean your closet?  I always clean it 4 times a year, just so I can keep things neat and of course make room for new items.  I am working on a" clean your closet" post and I will share of all of the tips and tricks I utilize when getting rid of things.

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!

xo, Yaudy Cristina

Set is from K-Mart/Boots Zara/Jacket Goodwill

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