Visiting the GWB

My husband and I took a little walk around one of the parks in our area and decided to take my first pictures there.  Even though it was very cold outside, we had a good time practicing with our new camera and I have to say not so bad for our first shoot.

I am so in love with this pants that I got from H&M a couple months ago and the best thing was,  I only paid $9.99 woohoo!!   I feel these pants are one of those pieces that can be worn with many different colors and in my opinion they can also work with all the four seasons. 

I paired them with a black top and  faux leather jacket, that by the way did not saved me from being extremely cold.  Both of these pieces I recently purchased at TJ Maxx.  All my other accessories were purchased at Forever 21.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Photos taken by Petr Belik.

Thanks for reading :)




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