Cold Beach Day

Happy Monday!!! It was a beautiful day yesterday so my husband and I decided to drive to the beach not thinking that the wind combined with the cold water will make for a very cold day.  We were only able to stay for an hour, but we took time and went for a walk down the brand new boardwalk.  I was happy to see the Jersey Shore (Avon Beach) almost done with all the repairs from Hurricane Sandy, obviously there is still a lot to do, but I am glad it is all going slowly back to normal. Thank God I wore a sweater and underneath  I wore the top to a H&M bathing suit I bought last year, I am sorry I am not able to show it to you in this post it was too cold to just be in a bathing suit top and shorts :(
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Nordstrom hat (old)//TJ Maxx sweater//Forever21 shorts and sunnies//Payless sandals (old)
Sephora lipstick in N12//H&M earrings

The boardwalk at Avon Beach NJ


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