The Shops at Nanuet

My dream wall at Coach

Two weeks ago my husband and I were headed to Sleepy Hollow in upstate NY to go visit the Tarrytown Castle and enjoy all the Halloween festivities. We ended up not making it there due to traffic, but were fortunate to find the new shops at Nanuet. It was kind of a cold day, the first day we had cold weather this season, but did not complaint at all about all the outside walking we did. Let me start by telling you guys that I leave in Bergen County NJ where all the shops are closed on Sunday and there is really not much to do if you stay around, so finding this place not far from my house was amazing. Except for Sears and Macys all the other stores in the mall are brand new. From Loft, Gap, Kay Jewelry, Victoria's Secret, a whole bunch of restaurants. They have it all! 
We had an amazing afternoon and we are planning to go there again tomorrow..
I truly recommend it if you are near this area and want to check-it out..
Happy Saturday..

You can see all details of my look (here)
Trying new beer at Zinburger
Can't wait to walk this when is warmer outside
Brand new streets!


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