In Transition

H&M top/Joyce Lesley skirt/Payless heels/Revlon lips in Coral Crush

I bought this skirt during Winter I remember snow was still on the ground and I couldn't wait for Spring to arrive just so I can wear it. To make a long story short I completely forgot about it, with the move and everything going on I hung it in the closet and never looked at it until Tuesday. Shame on me!! it is so pretty and I had so many outfits plan with it I am hoping I can still get all those outfits out of it, since it is a fabulous skirt that costed only $5.99...

Yaudy Cristina

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  1. I'd say that's a happy surprise finding the skirt ;-) Love the mix, so cute!


  2. This outfit is so gorgeous!! I love stripes and florals together, especially in such a lovely form like your skirt!


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