On A Hot Day

Forever 21 dress and shoes/Olivia and Joy bag via T.J. Maxx/Ray Ban sunnies
Summer is by far my favorite season not only because there is so much to do outside, but dressing is so much easier.  Even though it can get a little sticky sometimes or the hard work of washing and blow drying  your hair just so humidity can ruin it, even after all that I love it!!
I took these pictures on one of those hot days I kept contemplating even going outside but after I change into this comfortable dress the heat didn't feel so bad and since I have straight hair that previous humidity comment does not apply to me haha
Don't hate...


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  1. LOVE this dress!!!! I don't know why but if it has sleeves, I LOVE IT!


  2. Love, love this dress! The vibrant prints and the structure are so feminine!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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