Church Scouting

Zara top  and boots / F21 shorts / SIX cuff

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Funny story with this post...

Trying to find places to take pictures can get a bit difficult sometimes and around here churches have the best backdrops.  I've been passing this one on my way to work everyday and every time I say to myself "this weekend I will come here and take pictures".  Well, the weekend finally came and there we were my tripod and I all set up, perfect light, perfect angle and luckily for me, I was able to get my shots all at once, because right after I was done, there was the pastor running out from the building telling me to leave his parking lot LOl

I've been taking advantage of the warm Fall we are having and style my faux suede shorts one more time.  This tine with a turtle neck and boots for dinner and a movie with the booyfriend.

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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