Here is to 2017!!

The year that changed my life for good and for better. 

It started like a normal year does, full of dreams and goals. Many of those I completed and crossing them out of my list felt good, oh so so good.  This was the year that I most traveled, the year that I met the Eiffel Tower for my 40th birthday.  I did some growing and soul searching mostly because I always heard that when you turn the big 40 your life starts changing.  so, I took matters into my hands and ran with it.  Some called me old "my sister"to be exact  and some said that 40 is when your life begins.  Needles to say,  I am going with the second one on this one LOL I am a kid at heart and that will never change. I believe that age is just a number, what matters is how you feel.

I learned to be comfortable with myself. I no longer care what people say or think about me, after all it is their business if they like me or not. I am more financially stable (finally learned to save LOL) and mainly just learned to really love me, for me.

It is the year that changed my health for the better!  Long sad story I don't really think you want to hear about and one that I already put in the past, maybe one day you get lucky and get to find out what it was, but for now it is my secret.  Just know this, if you feel there is something wrong with your body, just do yourself a favor and go get checked.

For 2018 I don't plan to make resolutions, not because I don't follow them, but because I am going to call them "promises".

I promise myself to take better care of my health. To love myself and celebrate every little mile stone I accomplish.  To celebrate me!!  Sorry if that sounds a bit selfish, but hear me out, there will be a point when you my friend, will feel the same. 

I promise to love those who love me and let me tell you there is a lot of people out there that does my boyfriend, my friends my family.  I will be the best friend, best sister best everything you ever have, if you do the same with me.  Again, it is not being selfish, it is called self love.

I promise to value each day, because each day is a blessing!! believe me when I say that.

I promise to just be happy!

With that I wish you all a wonderful New Year and I welcome 2018 with open arms. more outfits and more fashion.

xo, Yaudy Cristina


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