Disney Moment

Levi's jeans/ASOS blazer/Charlotte Russe boots/Top from a boutique in Dover NJ

Wearing this blouse made me realize that I need a trip to Disney.  I have not been since I was like 14 years old!  
The moment I purchased this top, I knew that I wanted to pair it with this blazer.  Mixing prints is something I love to do, and this combo just looked perfect together.  I added the boots to make it more of a mix, and this pair is super comfortable.  I got them a couple of years back at Charlotte Russe and every time I wear them I missed that store so much, since they closed all of them around my area.
I also want to make sure I recommend this jeans.  Levi's are my number one and the wedgie cut is just awesome!

xo, Yaudy Cristina



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