Jumping of Joy

How can jumpsuits be so comfortable, but at the same time annoying?

I will be the first one to buy a jumper over anything, but we have to agree that as comfy as they are, it is a pain to go to the bathroom when wearing one LOL 
 I wasn't sure how to style this beauty.  I contemplated if I should wear a belt, but settled for a scarf around my neck instead.  As you can imagine, I am having a scarf loving moment (you'll see on some future posts) and wanted so bad to wear this silk beauty I found on my last Goodwill trip.  

Gosh I miss the stores....

xo, Yaudy Cristina

What I am wearing:

H&M sunnies
Silk scarf found at Goodwill
Target jumpsuit
Shein sandlas
Zara bag



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