Spring Forward

 Waiting for Spring...

With Spring right around the corner I am starting to spring clean my house, my mind and everything! Here are three things I did so far..

I lightened my hair

I been wanting to go blonde for a while and I finally did last month.  I went in for some front highlights, but my hair dresser convinced me to do a full head of them.  I am happy I did!

I cleaned my closet

This is something I do on a regular basis, but right before the change of season I edit my closet and pretty much donate anything that I have not worn in at least a year and items that don't bring me joy anymore.

Change/Add new skin products

I like to call myself a collector not a hoarder when it comes to skin care.  As much as I like to keep them all, I also do a clean sweep of products that really didn't work for me.  My most used item is my moisturizer and that is the first thing I change from a thicker one to a lotion for the warmer days.

Is there anything you do before the change of season?

xo, Yaudy Cristina 

*Outfit pieces are all thrifted*


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