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Why I stopped buying trendy pieces..

If you have been here a while you probably already know that I have been thrifting my clothes for the past 2 years.  It has helped me find my own style and my own voice when it comes to the pieces I wear.  I am not saying I will never wear what is trendy, but I will def be looking for those trends second hand. Here are a few tips I use before heading to the thrift stores...

Make a thrift wish list.  
For the longest time I had on my list an oversized quilted jacket/coat and I just recently found one that was in prefect condition. I was so happy!! Also found a pair of Levi's ribcage flares I can't wait to wear them. Having a list helps you when choosing what to bring home.

Have an open mind.
Not every piece you find will be the exact match, but having an opened mind and a good tailor always helps.   

Do not worry about sizing.
If you don't already know, a vintage 8 it is not a modern 8 per say.  I buy whatever fits and looks good regardless of sizing.  Again, a good tailor is a must.

Have a budget.
This year I made the decision to budget myself and  only put aside $20 a month for thrifting.  No I am not crazy, with that amount you can buy tons of stuff.  But a part of being self conscious when it comes to buying it's not to over consume  and over buy.   Sustainability is not only buying second hand, it is also re-wearing what you already have.  

And lastly clean out your closet constantly.
I do this a couple of times a year, but do a major cleaning every December.  I also started this new thing where I need to have an empty hanger in order to bring new pieces into my closet.

If you are thinking of starting your thrift journey I am hoping these tips would be useful to you!

xo, Yaudy Cristina 

*outfit pieces are thrifted and have been in my closet a while*



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