Flowers at work

This was a spare of the moment shoot thanks to my friend Helena who took today's pictures, I am able to show you this amazing outfit I put together for work.

You will probably see me wearing this blazer again since you know from my previous posts, I love floral prints. When I shop I always buy pieces I can incorporate into my work clothes and also be able to wear them out.  I feel this blazer falls into that category, the one I call "play clothes" :)
Today Helena and I were working at the perfect location for a nice shoot and since I don't carry my camera all the time, we used my cell phone to take the pictures,  as you can see the end result was not bad at all.
While at work, I keep my accessories to a minimum, usually I just wear earrings and watch, no arm candy.
I am so in love with the floral prints, so much that my closet is starting to look like a garden LOL.

Hope you are enjoying your week!

thanks for reading



Forever 21 blazer and earrings /  Express tank top, pants and Juicy Couture sunnies via T.J. Maxx
Payless shoes


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