Tips on enhacing your closet and shopping on a budget

Hello everyone!

Every time I shop I always look for bargains so I wanted to share with you some tips that help me stay on budget and still be able to stay looking fashionable.

I started giving my self a budget.  A dollar amount to keep in mind every time I go to the stores.  So far since I started I find myself controlling those impulsive shopper moments.

I went to the mall last week with a friend who I was helping pick up a couple things for some events she has coming up in the future and this are the three things I bought for myself.

Before I get into details about the items I purchased I will share with you my tips/rules I put  in place  and hopefully help someone out there.

1-This might sound crazy but the first thing  you need to do is an inventory to your closet.  This step will help you avoid buying things you don't need but instead your new items will incorporate with what you already have hanging in there.

2-Learn what works with your body type.  Trends come and go I would recommend buying pieces that will compliment your body.

which leads me to tip #3

3-Since trends come and go very quickly, splurging on something you will only use a couple of times, to me is wasting money.  Stores tend to sell similar things specially when they are on trend.  So do your research before making your purchase.

4-Try signing up to your favorite stores mailing lists to receive emails on when the sales are coming to the store.

and my last one:

5-This one might also sound crazy, if you find a piece that you love and it fits perfectly buy it in two different colors.

Here are the details on what I bought...

I wanted these sandals for the longest time.  I waited until they went on sale and to my wonderful surprise all sale items at Express had an extra 40% off last week so I only paid $11.99.

Confetti nail polish in To Teal to Handle and Fruit Smoothie

I love all the new nail colors I buy a lot of Essie polishes but lately since I started my budget and there are so many different colors out there I  have been buying this brand.  Confetti for only $1.99 at drugstores.

And the last one...

I got this necklace from Forever 21 for $8.99.  I tend to buy fashion jewelry every time I shop.  I usually  buy from different stores just anything that catches my eye and of course under my budget.

Hope these tips help at least one of you out there :)

Thanks for reading




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