Mother's Day Ideas

My mom lives in Colombia so for me Mother's Day consists of a call and sending money so she can buy what her heart desires.  But that doesn't stop me from making a list of the things I would get for her if she was living here with me.  I put together this list of things I know my mother will enjoy, hopefully all of you did your shopping already but if not, maybe this will help.
When I buy a gift for someone I always think about what they like and also things they will use so underneath every picture I will explain why I thought about this for my mom.

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My mom is catholic a cross necklace will represent her faith

Flowers! A beautiful bouquet of flowers will make any mom happy 

My mom loves purses and color. A nice tote bag will be perfect for her with enough room for all her
things and still be fashionable

It's always warm in my hometown so a nice pink cotton shirt will be a piece
she will be able to wear and stay cool

Makeup Makeup and more Makeup

An Ice Cream Maker! She loves ice cream.  My mom is diabetic so this way she can make her
own sugar free flavors!


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