The Power Of The Jumpsuit

Joyce Leslie jumpsuit / / H&M slides / Forever 21 hat / Bag from boutique in Clear-water Fla 

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Jumpsuits... What can I say other that I am obsessed with the.

This one is old so old that the tag was gone, but thanks to my good memory (sometimes lol) I remembered where I got it yearssssss ago.  I still remember buying it for the beach, but to be honest I actually never wore it as a cover-up.  Last time I wore I was on a cruise heading to Puerto Rico and wore like three times on that vacation.

Jumpsuits are comfortable, until is time for you to go to the bathroom haha then it becomes a pain to take off and if you are like me that don't like public bathrooms only in emergencies, but the day you decide to step out wearing a jumpsuit then you pee like crazy! 

I own a couple of them and they have become a perfect transition piece into the cooler months for me.  Adding a sweater, denim jacket or a motto faux leather jacket depending on the occasion, jumpsuits are a piece that can be dress up or down just by adding and changing accessories.

xo, Yaudy Cristina 


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