Accessories Obsessed

Happy Tuesday!
A girl can't never have enough accessories
I am obssesed  I know I have way too many, so many that I forget what I own.  As you can see I am big in statement necklaces they dress up any outfit.
These are some pieces I wore for the past week (here) and (here), I just wanted to give a closer look.
The stores I go for jewelry are of course Forever 21 where I can get a lot for my $$, Francesca's Collections, Nordstrom the BP section and H&M.

What are some of your favorite stores to buy jewelry?

Thanks for stopping by!


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    1. Thank you so much Anna! You looking at my blog means the world to me, I am a big fan of your work and your blog :)

  2. I love the snake earrings. I go to Forever 21 but I also shop a LOT on Amazon. They always send that "based on your previous purchases" email and they know me so well!

    1. That's nice they email you things you might like! I only bought one necklace on Amazon once and it took forever to arrived, I am crazy when I need to have something I can't wait lol shopaholic problems lol


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