My Story

Hello my name is Yaudy I am originally from Barranquilla Colombia, but I have been living in New Jersey for quite some time now. Since I can remember I have a strong passion for all things fashion, which is the main reason I started this blog. Since it's creation in March 2013, it has evolved into something more. I love blogging and sharing not only my outfits, but also recipes and cool dinning spots around town.
This little outlet gives me a chance to put my ideas to use and also help inspire other people out there.

Hope you enjoy my journey!



  1. Awesome! I also have those Earrings from Forever 21.

    1. I love them!! I bought mine in Charlotte Russe. I am trying to update the layout on the blog and I think I am going blind lol

  2. Nice to meet you! Do you speak spanish? I am from Puerto Rico and had a Colombian friend. I am liking your shirt.


    1. Nice to meet you too! Yes I speak Spanish I came to the US when I was 12. I love Puerto Rico I was in San Juan last year and it was beautiful!

  3. Beautiful blouse and bag! That lipstick also looks great on you :)

    The Penny Rose


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