At Home Manicure

 I have been asked a lot about my nails lately so I decided to share how I do my nails at home.  Sometimes I get my nails done at a salon but I enjoy doing them myself playing with colors and designs, plus it is easier to change colors if they don't last a whole week.
Here are the steps I follow.

 On the first picture are all the tools you will need, last minute I decided to change my color from nude to green.
 I start by taking my nail polish off 

 I push back my cuticles and cut them. I only cut them every two weeks but push them back everytime


 When you file the nail do it only in one direction that way you prevent breakage and splitting  

then I buff them 

 Once all that is done I wash my hands and use nail polish remover one more time on the clean nails

 I start by painting one line in the middle then go side to side 
I usually do two coats

 Last step apply a top coat my favorite is Inm Out The Door because it is fast drying 

and whoa la the finished product!!


Color used: Maybelline in Lustrous Lime


    I bough the insta-dry nail drops. You place a drop of it on your polish and it sets your polish in 30 seconds. I typically have to do my nails every 2 days because of typing so I needed them!


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