When I found out that H&M was coming out with the H&M Conscious Collection I couldn't wait to go to store and try everything on. Once I got to the store I picked up a couple of pieces I liked, but unfortunately they did not fit the way I wanted and because a lot of the pieces are silky the static was out of control. I ended up buying only these pants I was so excited to styled them but after only 10 minutes of wearing them I sprayed half of my static guard bottle on them. I ended up changing before leaving the house and I will probably bring these babies back to the store :(  I felt in love with the color of the pants I had so many outfits planned but I can't deal with the static.
 I paired them with a crop top, I only wear crop tops with high wasted pieces so only a little bit of skin is showing since the pants were a little long it worked perfect with the top plus the two colors went well together.
There are a lot of cute pieces in the collection, but if you plan on buying anything I would recommend buying static guard too specially if you buy any of the silky pieces.

Thanks for stopping by..

Pants: H&M
Crop Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Afaze
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: T.J Maxx
Lipstick: The Body Shop in #130


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